What’s in it for fans?

What’s in it for fans?

We’ve been talking about clubs, bands and everything else related, but the main question after all that is – what can you expect from GigPin as just a fan of music? We have something for you too.

For starters, you can follow GigPin on social networks and be up to date with big concert news, fun facts about most or least popular tours and all the other stuff we want to share with you. Once we finish GigPin for clubs and bands, we will have a large database of concert tours, which we plan to publish as tour news on our blog and social networks.

Besides, we plan to get in touch with all our bands so they can tell us pros and cons about tour experiences all around Europe. We hope there will be interesting stuff for fans to read about. Also, club part will also be an interesting thing to read. We already wrote few blog posts from club and band point of view, and are happy to continue to do that. Most important thing is Рbands and clubs are also happy about that as they told us.

Also, GigPin waiting list is getting bigger every day and we can’t wait to start our journey! Don’t worry, we’re almost there.

Rock on.