Vintage Industrial Bar is the first official GigPin club!

Vintage Industrial Bar is the first official GigPin club!

In previous posts we already explained why everything will be easier for clubs when GigPin is out, but this time we have exciting news to share. We are now proud to reveal that Vintage Industrial Bar from Zagreb is first official GigPin club! Of course, other clubs will have the same opportunities as VIB when everything goes live, goes live, but now we can give you sneak-peak from inside.

Guys from Vintage Industrial Bar told us that GigPin is an awesome app which unites bands, audience and all concert venues at the same place.

“GigPin solves many problems and the main thing about it is the fact that it simplifies communication with bands that contacted us or we want them to play in Vintage Industrial Bar. Tour booking is maybe not the main point now, but you never know how fast GigPin will grow, and how fast will everything be impossible without GigPin”, they said.

We also discovered some major problems club owners had in tour booking. Guys from VIB told us that for a club, the biggest problem is always booking a great band , how will everything go, and will you have profit from it. Of course, things are never completely easy because you always have competition, but just because of that, everything is so much more exciting.

“Every help we can get is welcomed! We think GigPin will be a great tool for smaller bands, but that also means that those bands have to use GigPin too. It will be an awesome tool for smaller bands to take a chance beyond their borders. Also, GigPin has all the information in one place, which is a great option”, VIB team said.

Well, we must say we’re as excited as every club and every band that signed up for GigPin waiting list. Waiting for GigPin is almost at the end, and pretty soon we will all be able to travel, enjoy great concerts and be happy that we helped small bands to make it out there.

Rock on!