We’re out soon – Start booking

We’re out soon – Start booking

It’s been a while since we announced our app, and now it’s time to go fast forward. In the past few months, we’ve been developing the story, listening what are the major problems in tour booking if you are a band, and even if you are a club owner or promoter. The conclusion is – GigPin will be a major problem solver for many bands and many clubs. Sure, the biggest challenge is on us – we are the ones who have to prove to you that GigPin is the best solution for DIY tour booking. And sure we will!

In about a month you’ll be able to book concerts for your bands, and we’re starting with central and western Europe first. That’s why we started to track all major European tours for 2016. and 2017. on our social networks, and maybe it’ll give few ideas for much smaller bands on which cities are the best to visit next year.

What’s in it for you?

The most interesting thing for bands and for clubs is the fact that you can get many benefits if you sign up for waiting list on our website. First 50 clubs and first 50 bands can start booking 2 weeks before the official launch of the app. Yeah, we know that’s cool, but what’s in it for you? Besides the fact that you can check how everything works, you’ll get free pins for booking clubs. When can you expect that? We’ ll let you know soon enough. After all, you’ve waited this long so we must give you something.

Also, GigPin will have „Band of the week“ and „Club of the week“ which will be promoted through our website, social networks and newsletters. Weekly picks will be selected randomly, so everyone has equal chances. Keep up with all the news from GigPin through our social networks and let us know what would be the best feature in the app if you’re a band or if you’re a club. We’ll do our best to consider everything you write us.

Rock on.