Why is GigPin your best choice if you have a band?

Why is GigPin your best choice if you have a band?

Well, it’s not so hard to answer that question. If you have a band, you’ve probably been waiting for so long for someone to make an app like this. Surely, this is not so far from the truth, although we’re just kidding.

We developed this app to help bands, and we hope we’ll succeed in that. Smaller bands often don’t even have the chance to play outside their own town, not to mention their country. GigPin is there to helpĀ because we’ll do our best to offer as many clubs as band needs to start the tour. Of course, all tours are not the same, and we thought about that already. Either you want to tour your country and then go outside borders, or you want the other way around, our app will be your best friend on the road.

The app is easy to use and all you need is the internet connection. As mentioned in theĀ blog post about clubs, we’re not here to replace promoters. We’re here to help them.

We know that tours are the most romanticized aspect of being in a band. It’s nice to travel from one city to another and play songs for adoring fans, but most people think that you just play, drink, sleep and travel the world while being paid to do it. Not so true? Of course, it’s not. Most small bands are doing everything on their own expenses and it’s not so charming. You sleep where you can, eat when you get the chance and either way, you spend a lot of money. And what happens when one of the gigs on tour is canceled? Then keep calm and use GigPin.

You can still join our waiting list and be among first ones to get info and full access to GigPin.

Rock on.