Why is GigPin an awesome app for clubs?

Why is GigPin an awesome app for clubs?

So, let’s say you’re a promoter in your club, and you often have requests from no name bands, as well as from big ones. You probably love your job and there is nothing else in the world you would like to do, but remember those days when you get at least 50 requests from bands and you just don’t know where to begin and how to pick them? If that’s your problem, GigPin is an awesome solution for you.

As a club, you can have “all in one” solution for all the concerts in your venue, and you can pick and decline bands as you wish. The point is – GigPin will not replace promoters, it will give them the easiest solution to book gigs and to pick bands. Each band will have their profile with all the needed information for concerts. No matter if they are a small band or a popular one, you will always be up to date with all information you’ll need. In other words – GigPin will be all you need, the platform to manage concerts and everything about them.

The other way around will also be a great solution for your club. If you recently opened a club that is still new on the market and you don’t know how to pick bands, this app is your answer. We know it’s not so nice to brag about everything, but we’re really excited about the launch and everything we’ll have to offer clubs and bands. Sure, if you already have questions, feel free to contact us. Next Wednesday check out why is GigPin awesome app for bands.

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