Fresh ideas and great vibe!

Fresh ideas and great vibe!

Our pre-launch phase is over and we’re starting to do sessions with bands just to see is everything working well. First of all, we would like to thank everyone who answered our survey – you’ve been very helpful! We were concerned that we missed some important features that might help bands and clubs, but for now everything is going as planned.

Most of you said that GigPin will be your main tool for tourbooking and we’re very happy to hear that. That’s why the whole idea kicked off and it’s nice to see that our users think it will be useful. Concert schedule is something most of you think will be our best feature, beside public relations part and connecting with fans. So, we have great news for all of you. Concert schedule is something we will add up to the app in a shortest time, right after the basic launch for tourbooking. Other stuff is something we plan to implement as fast as we can.

As you said in the survey, lack of engagement is your biggest concern, and not just yours but ours too. That’s why we didn’t publish the app already. Engagement is something you need to work on, and we’re doing our best to try and make everything easy for you. Beside those answers, you gave us some pretty great ideas as well. Tinder style matching for both parties is something we liked the most and will try to do it soon.

We really appreciate your engagement with us, and when we go live, please feel free to contact us anytime with ideas, problems and everything that’s bothering you within the app. Together we can make it better!

Rock on!