Band confessions: “Things will be easier with GigPin”

Band confessions: “Things will be easier with GigPin”

We love the fact bands are signing up on our waiting list before anything happened, and we’re going to reward them. Of course, we have a lot of things to do until our launch, but things are rolling in a good way lately. We’ve heard many “pros” and “cons” about GigPin and are considering everything bands and clubs tell us.

So, we decided to start a blog series about best and worst things bands and clubs have to face when planning a gig. Our first guest in “bands” part is young band NLV from Croatia. Band NLV is composed of Nikol Ćaćić, Luka Šipetić, Vedran Grubić, Roni Nikolić and Silvio Bočić. Nikol, Luka and Vedran started the project in 2013., they released their first EP in 2014., and now we have their debut album out today.

During their career, they’ve toured Croatia and region and by now they have a lot of things to say about concerts and what expect of them. We had a quick chat with NLV’s singer Nikol and found out a few interesting facts.

“The best thing about concerts is, of course, meeting new beautiful people and share intimate moments with them on the stage. However, it’s extremly difficult to get there. It’s hard to organize yourself, your band and your host. In case you haven’t been in a club you’re playing before, it’s hard to find it and adjust to everything”, says Nikol.

“In that case, I think GigPin will be an awesome app because we will have the opportunity to find a way to communicate and make deals with clubs all over the world without obstacles we have now. Things will be easier and I honestly hope that GigPin will make our cooperations more fun and simpler“, she adds.

We hope so too 🙂

Rock on.