Band confessions: “We can’t wait to try GigPin”

Band confessions: “We can’t wait to try GigPin”

That’s it – we’ve entered the year when GigPin will be out. So, happy New Year everyone! During the past few months, we’ve finished the app, talked with many clubs and many bands, and one of those many bands is Slow Motion Suicide.

This four-piece band influenced by the simplicity of the 90ties and huge guitar sounds of modern rock recently published their first album and now it’s time to start touring. Slow Motion Suicide are: Nicky Ingram (singer), Mark Leossa (lead guitar), Anna Smith (bass) and Iggy Krutz (drums). We talked with their frontman Nicky and discovered few interesting facts about ourselves too.

“Playing live is one of the best feelings there is in the world. Everyone should try it once. However, it’s very hard to setup live shows because there’s a lot of logistics, mailing, phone calls etc. Only those with thick-skinned make it out alive.

Sometimes you have to go thru 10 different people to get a lead or a contact to a club. Therefore, if GigPin makes contacts and other things accessible at the palm of our hands it will surely make a positive impact on a lot of bands who struggle with booking. We can’t wait to try it on and see who and how we can meet and share our music to.”

First version of GigPin will be out in a month so waiting is almost over. We hope that you’ll love it, and ’till then we’ll let you know what other bands and clubs think of us.

Rock on!